Text Messaging FAQ

What Is A Short Code? Can I Choose My Own?

A short code is a 5 or 6 digit phone number than can send and receive text messages. We will assign you one of MoboMix's shared short codes. Getting your own short code (so you don't have to share with other MoboMix clients, or to customize the sender) is a major financial commitment. If you're interested - the process takes a couple of months and a few thousands dollars to start - contact us.


How Long Does It Take To Deliver A Text Message?

Text messages are usually delivered within seconds, but a number of factors can cause delays. First, carrier networks can be congested, which will cause delays. Second, if one of your recipients does not have service, a message will queue for delivery until they do. If you ever experience problems, contact us.


How Long Can My Message Be?

Like all text messages, the messages you send through MoboMix are limited to 160 characters.


How Much Does It Cost To Send A Text Message Using MoboMix

MoboMix is the cheapest way for businesses to send mass text messages to their customers. Our rates start at 2.5 cents/recipient/message and go down from there. And incoming messages? They're always free. Check out our full pricing here.


Can I Try MoboMix For Free?

Yes. MoboMix is absolutely free to try. If you decide that MoboMix is right for your business/group you can purchase Pay & Go credits or upgrade to a monthly plan.


How Do I Collect Opt-Ins With A Keyword?

A Keyword (free with every plan) allows your customers to text that Keyword to your assigned shared short code to join your mass texting list. It's as simple as texting Joes to 88202. You can even customize the response when people text in your Keyword.


Are Incoming Messages Free?

We'll never charge you for incoming messages.


Do You Have A Signup Form For My Website or Facebook Page?

We give you tools to generate web signup widgets that you can add to your website and Facebook Page so that your visitors can signup for your mass texting list right from their browser.


Does Anyone Have Access To My Contact List? Will You Ever Message My Contacts?

You are the only person who has access to your contacts - and we'll never send a text message to your contacts. Your data belongs to you, and we have extensive security measures in place to protect it.


Do You Have A Getting Started Guide?

We do, and you can check it out by clicking here.



MoboMix Delivers Your Messages To Every Major Carrier In The US And Dozens Of Regional Carriers