How MoboMix Works - The Features

Mobomix has partnered with EZ Texting to offer all of our new customers access to EZ Texting's world-class text messaging platforms.

Upload your contacts. Type Your Message. Send Your Message.

Uploading & Sorting Your Contacts

You can segment your contacts into as many groups as you like. Add one contact to many groups.
You can also add info like names and and email address to your contacts.If you have an existing list of
opted-in contacts you can paste them into a form or upload a spreadsheet using our contact importer.

You can always download all of your contacts with a single click.



Sending Mass Text Messages

We designed MoboMix to be the fastest, cheapest way to send mass text messages.
Simply enter your message, choose the groups you want to send your message to, and
press send. If you like you can schedule your message for future delivery.



Receiving Replies & Using Keywords

MoboMix's short code allows you to send and receive text messages. There are two ways
to do this. After you send a mass text message your recipients have up to twelve hours to
reply. If they do, we'll add the reply to your Inbox.

You also can collect contacts for your text messaging list using a Keyword on our Short Code.
Getting started is easy - just click the Keywords tab when you've logged into your account.
You'll choose a Keyword and setup a customized response.
All monthly accounts include at least one free Keyword.


Creating Groups

You might have noticed above that chose to upload our contacts to the Group Employees. Groups are a powerful feature that allows you divide your contacts into segments. Each contact can belong to as many groups as you choose and you can create as many groups as you like. When you send a message you can select multiple groups.


Signup Widgets For Your Website

Have a website or a blog? Use our free widget creator to build customized
signup forms so customers can join your list when they visit your site.

MoboMix Delivers Your Messages To Every Major Carrier In The US And Dozens Of Regional Carriers